A new consultation office has just started for startups!

11月1日より横浜みなとみらいのWeWork内にstart&ups consultingというオフィスを立上げました。日本に進出したい外国企業や外国人企業家のお話をひたすら聞き、調べ、回答して差し上げるコンサルテーション空間を目指しています。

Starting November 1st, we set up an office called “start & ups consulting” in WeWork at Yokohama Minatomirai. We are aiming for a consultation space where we listen to the stories from foreign companies or foreign startup’s people who want to start the business in Japan.  We would be happy to research for them and provide solutions. 

A new consultation office has just started for startups!” に152件のコメント

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